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Hi, I was thinking of getting a vps with senuke and scrapebox installed. Could you recommend me one? :) Thank you, Richard
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Hello! For my SEO I am using private proxies. You can find excellent and very prompt service by contacting this guy - or His proxies are very cheap and are private - so only can use them. Tell him that Alex give you this address. :-) Regarding VPS - there are excellent solutions which you can find on forum. So far I did not use VPS - but there you will find nice people indulged in SEO and they provide good VPS. :-) Alex
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you can get 15% on, please pm me as the voucher code belong to a exclusive black-hat forum that i joined.. i can't make it public.

Preloaded VPS ? well you can try but not (they can scam you). But personally in the end i believe you will likely need to have your own clean VPS with your own legitimate tools.

Because cracked tools is easily outdated (like senuke, etc)
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BTW, Here is one good video course explaining Scrapebox usage:

I love Scrapebox - it really helps you out with a bunch of tasks! :-)

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Here is nice video about finding proxies with your Scrapebox program:

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You can get private proxies from: you can use this coupon code(BHW15OFF) and you will get 15% discount.

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I have been using Cloudcom VPS, so I would suggest you to go with CloudCom as they offer Virtual Private Servers as low as $3 per month and accepts PayPal. It looks like the same virtual server, but is a 10 times faster.  
I hope this helps and would love to know which VPS you are using.
Check out the website to know more:
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