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Here you can share tactics and techniques which works. Share your thoughts about SEO - it's changes, updates and how to rank faster and more efficiently! All suggestions are welcomed!
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Here are my suggestions for 2013:
>>> Blogging and Post Creation - ONLY UNIQUE, MANUAL WRITTEN CONTENT, on a weekly (preferably daily) basis! This suggestion in my opinion is the most important one - as Google now looks for unique and perfect on page optimized site!
>>> Directory Submission - ONLY TO TOP DIRECTORIES, not spammy ones!
>>> Article Submission - ONLY UNIQUE CONTENT, not spunn one!
>>> Social Bookmarking - ONLY USE TOP SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES, the other are dead!
>>> Press Releases - go to Fiverr and find some people to do the job! Before posting make sure you have the right press release, otherwise it will be rejected!
>>> Free widgets and plugin creation - ONLY FOR ADVANCED!
>>> Use Images on your site - people very often search for images
>>> Use RSS feeds to interlink your content and improve your site's PR and authority!
>>> The last 3 - content curation, guest blogging, forum posting - although, I am not quite sure whether forum profile posting works in 2013
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So I guess some SEO tools are useless now?
Some are, some are still alive doing some pretty decent job! ;-)
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YouTube is very important as well - as videos are getting more and more popular! :-))))
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6 things that needs to be done in 2013 regarding SEO (on page and off page):

1. Unique content - more, more and more of it!
2. Domain authority - improve your backlinking health. By using Disavow Tool in web master tool remove spam and black hat link (hope you do not have such!)
3. Create a blog on your site and post as much articles related to your niche as you can!
4. Optimize your site by adding a mobile version! More and more people are using their tablets (I have one 7" from Samsung :-)) and smartphones to view site's content - so it is a top priority in 2013 in my opinion!
5. Be Social! Create a facebook page for your site/brand + twitter page - link them to your site. Create an authorship page within Google + profile and link it to your site.

Promote your articles/services/products as much and as frequent as you can!
6. Have luck! :-)
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Hi, all of you. Now SEO is completed changed as it is before. Before 3-4 years SEO's  focus is on submission but now it is changed. Today it's main focus is on The Strong ON Page, and some smart and quality work not on more and more submissions.
SEO has to face two Google updates Google Panda and Penguin.
In Google Panda main Focus in on the Content of websites and it reduce ranking of all the sites that having low or thin quality content means sites that copy content from other websites and use them in their site.
In Penguin main focus is on the back-links of a website it reduce ranking of website that having low quality backlinks. It require a website must have good quality backlinks.
Today to get ranking for your website you have done
1)it's good on page work,
 2)don't use any black hat seo techniques,
3)use only white hat seo techniques,
4) doing only pr work
6) do smart quality work.
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Thanks prologic! Your answers are always straight to the point!!
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Here are 2 very long videos by Lisa Irby about 2013 and SEO content creation and link building. The videos are 40+ minutes each! So a lot of info is presented! Here they are:

Part 1:

Part 2:
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In order to be successful with your SEO in 2013 you MUST KNOW what type of backlinks are low-quality and which are high quality! So here they are:

- Low quality web directories
- Article directories
- Low quality Blogs
- Links from same ip address! This is very important! If you have a lot of domains, but they all are from the same IP - it won;t do the magic!
- Links from same domains
- Forum signature links
- Links from sites that sell links
- Too many site wide links
- Links obtained via link exchanges
- Links obtained via blog commenting
- Low Quality Guest Blogging Links
- Links having too many similar anchor text mentions

- Links from trusted web directories like Yahoo, Dmoz,
- Links from high quality blogs that adds value to the user, has high PageRank and DA
- Do Follow Links from Authority sites
- Natural links obtained via people genuinely sharing your content on social media sites, forums, Q/A sites etc.
- Links from trusted domains like CNN, Techcrunch, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post etc.
- Links obtained by trusted authors having high author rank on Google Plus
- Links from high quality guest blogging
- Links following a varied anchor text pattern. Use LSI!
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