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Q: What you mean by Responsive Site?

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I always listen Those sites are only good which are Responsive.What you mean by Responsive Site?
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2 Answers

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Responsive site is a site which can be seen very well in almost (if not on all) portable devices - tablets, mobile phones, different screen sizes. Well coded site (or a template/theme) MUST be responsive nowadays - as more and more mobile devices are used.

One very useful site for checking whether your site is responsive - is this one - - simply put your domain there and test it for all the devices and screen proportions provided there.

answered by user golearnweb
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Thanks for This.
responsive site means which can access in every device who is load in just seconds. google thinks its a good site for user which respond on time like this web site.
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Responsive web design is a recent term that has been used to describe the concept of a website s layout changing in response to the user's screen size and resolution. Responsive web design allows for your website to viewed on a variety of mobile devices and computers
answered by user worli
responsive websites automatically fit to the different screens and user friendly.