Q: Which CMS is best for Ecommerce Sites? Wordpress or Mogento?

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I want to Know about CMS. I make a Ecommerce site so i have no idea which is best for this in Magento and WordPress. So please suggest me about  it.
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WordPress in my opinion is better for SEO as there are a lot of SEO plugins for it. For example - Yoast plugin + if you add some speeding up plugins such as W3 Total Cache - your site will go up in the search engines in no time! :-) Cheers, Alex
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But i often listen that Magento is best for E comerce sites.
For ECommerce - Joomla is one good solution with it's VirtueMart - and for SEO - SH404SEF component -
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WordPress is the best and much user friendly CMS, to create a eCommerce website, where you get number of features and plugins to make its more result oriented
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Working with WP is pretty easier than Magento and has an easier learning curve. But, building an online store with lots of products in WP can be a headache.
I don't want to impose my views, I advise you to read a list of useful articles:

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In my oppinion, both WordPress and Magento are good for eCommerce website. But I think you should use WordPress, it's easy-using and SEO friendly.
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