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Q: How to get my website to show up on google first?

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I suffered with the daily posting and tried to collect likes to my website and I cant promote till now my website to be on the first page on google, so anybody here tell me How to get my website to show up on google first?
asked in SEO category by user kingoftyping

3 Answers

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Google Adwords...
answered by user golearnweb
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You can make your website up in search engine results with Google Adwords for some time but this is not the best way to take your website up in search engine result pages.
Focus on organic search results of Google. Most of the readers feels that organic search results are more trusted and relevant.

To make your website up with targeted keywords, there is a need of proper keyword research that are to be pl;aced in website title, meta description,, meta keywords, heading tags and image alt tags. make a unique meta information for every important and targeted web page so that it can easily get indexed and start appearing in search engine rankings

In starting, try to fix all On-Page optimization issues so that you do  not face any kind of On page related issue in future as it can affect your search engine rankings too.

Promote your website by using appropriate keywords, do not always use same keywords, try to use synonyms of the keywords so that it looks natural and keyword density is also maintained.
answered by user DaljeetKaur
reshown by user golearnweb
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You have to need Proper SEO method to increase the Page ranking of your site. For this you have to do 2 methods. 1 is ON page and 2 is OFF page. OFF page is the best techniques for this. Off page Activities are Forum Posting,Blog commenting,Blog Creation,Article Submission,Social Bookmarking,yahoo answering etc.
answered by user Nehasood