Q: Major differences between senuke and scrape box

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Please can you tell me the major difference(s) between Senuke XCr and Scrape box SEO programs? Thanks.
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Scrapebox is for creating backlinks from blogs - meaning it creates blog commenting backlinks; SeNuke XCr creates backlinks from bookmarking sites, forum profile backlinks, and many other backlinks. Also Scrapebox is much, much cheaper - it costs $57 with this link - and also it has some other useful features not related to SEO and link building; Cheers, Alex

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Both of these tools are great, but both are potential monsters. I have SB and have used SENuke, but haven't used SENuke 6+ months and cancelled my subscription. Not because I didn't like it - it was great at what it did, but (at the time at least) it modules didn't justify the subscription rate when there are tools out there that I have more control over AND do every module for a one off fee....
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not recommended use these two tools. Google spam team already banned these two software in the internal spam checking.
Unless you don't want rank google search, never ever use these two software.
If you don't believe me, you can ask the questions on the Google support forum
or write a email to them.

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