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Q: Start learning Worpress from scratch

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Hope you are having a great time!

I am WAQAR, I wanna ask you something about Wordpress, Hope you would help me understand wordpress.

If i wanna learn wordpress without having a hosting account or domain VIRTUALLY so which site should me open to start learning Worpress from scratch ( = (

I am waiting for your reply, Thanks!

asked in Web Development category by user sam
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3 Answers

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Hello my friend! These 2 have different tasks - and

1. In - you can create and manage your own blog - but with limited features (compared to the having your own blog hosted for example on Hostgator)

2. is the main place from where you can download free plugins, themes and the WP itself.

answered by user golearnweb
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I have been talking to some other persons just for the general purpose about the Wordpress & Joomla many of them said Wordpress and Joomla are havier than some other technologies so it is true or the wordpress and Joomla could be proved better than any other technology??
Anyway i don't know which is better either one of Wordpress & Joomla but if you help me know more about them, Would be great ...???
I am waiting for your reply, thanks!!!
answered by user sam
Joomla and WordPress CMS are indeed "heavier" when it comes to loading time comparing to sites built with CSS and HTML only; Otherwise they are very, very nice systems for building web sites. Regarding which one is better - WordPress or Joomla there are many discussions on the Web which you can read. In my opinion depends on the site's goal - if you want to build online store - I would go with Joomla; if you want to create a blog or maybe company site - then WordPress; Hope that helps! Best Regards, Alex
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WordPress is one of the simplest content management systems that I have ever used. I don’t think, there is any sort of complexity on using WordPress. Initially, WordPress was started with single bit of code in order to improve typography of everyday writing. At the beginning, there were merely few countable users but together with time, it has now turned out to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool.
It is totally free platform that means where you want to create a single site of fortune 500 web site, there is no need to pay license fee to anyone. In addition, WordPress offers ample of free themes and plugins that you can use in your personal or commercial projects. At present, millions of people are using WordPress satisfactorily. You should also go for it without any hesitation… you won’t be disappointed at all.
answered by user JoelMassey
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