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Q: How to protect .exe files with password

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Hi. I have an unusual question. For a while ago I am using one program - Evernote. It is a great one - but the file on my computer is NOT password protected. There are widgets and apps from Evernote for Android and Apple devices - and the premium version allows to add PIN - so it is a nice feature regarding securing your note.

However - there is NO option provided by the Evernote's developers which will allow to protect the program installed on the PC (I am using Windows, not Mac), my question is do you know any program which will be able to protect the desktop version of the Evernote.

OR - if you can recommend some software to protect an .exe file (I think it will work for all kinds of programs which are .exe files)

asked in Other category by user ak47seo

4 Answers

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Actually there is one, my friend! It is one very nice, FREE and light program (around 800kB). With it you can protect ANY .exe file on your PC (only for Windows users) - games, e-mail software and even Evernote.

Here it is:

Simply install it, browse for the file you want to secure and add your password. Easy! Works like a charm! :-)

answered by user golearnweb
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Regarding keeping safe your sensitive information in the Evernote - you can choose to encrypt the info. Whenever you are creating a post, chose the text (or other), click with the right button of your mouse and select "encrypt"  - so now you can choose a password to protect whatever you need. It is a nice alternative for the method Alex described - protecting the whole .exe file and the whole program.
answered by user paulcabalit
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There is another way of protection for Evernote. Simply go to your Evernote account - and in your left menu you will find "Security Summary" >> "Two-Step Verification" Here is what it says:

" Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Whenever you sign in to any Evernote application you'll need to enter both your password and also a verification code. This verification code will be sent to your mobile device via text message.

Only the most recent versions of Evernote applications support two-step verification. Before continuing, please check for updates and run any Evernote applications that are installed on your devices."

answered by user john7
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Depending on whether you wish to password protect at the workbook level or worksheet level:

Go to File > Info

Click the Protect Workbook button in the Permissions group.

Select 'Encrypt with password' to prevent the user from accessing the workbook without entering the password. Enter a password.

Select 'Protect current sheet' to apply a password to the active worksheet. Enter a password.
answered by user jeanjohnson001
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