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I found a page that helps you to manually analyze the strength of the competition for any keyword.

I don't like the "Domain authority" part. when I type any long tail keyword in google, I always find high authority domains even if they are not optimized well (the exact keyword is not mentioned in the meta title or the URL at all).

I can get amazing scores for many long tail keywords I find in google keyword planner. The keyword is mentioned from 3 to 4 times in meta title at the top 10 websites.The keyword in URL is just mentioned 1-2 times.PR for most pages at top 10 websites are from 0 to 2. Referring domains scores to the ranking pages are less than 30.

The only exception is the "Home Page PR". I cannot get good score for this part. I always find lots of high authority domains for every keyword I choose. Please tell me how to get around this? Or do you think the domain authority is not always important.Thanks.

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that is very nice post about your experience.
thanks you very much to let know
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thanks for your mind to share that
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Nice work.
Need to find a popular keyword with strong commercial intent.
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keyword is a phrase which people used to search their query. Here is a complete guide how to choose effective keywords.
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To know keywords competition, you can use google adwords keyword planner tool, it gives you exact results..
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Oh no, i got an error like access has been denied. I don't no why is their any issue from my end or the link itself have a problem?
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