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This is regarding the geographical targeting. I understand what u mean by choosing local hosting provider + location. My question is if you are targeting London people, for example, is using (set Google webmaster tool geographic target to UK, server located in London) as good as with servers located in London in terms of sweeping rivals?

My question is the result difference between .com (geographic targeting UK) and with both servers located in London

Thank you
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Hello! The best option is to use on London servers. This is THE BEST option! Also - you can use plugins for improving your site's speed. For WordPress there is one called W3 Total Cache - Here it is: It is free and ones set up it will drastically improve your speed and overall performance! :-)

answered by user nikole
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Do not forget to add in Google Web Master Tools United Kingdom as a target!
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Here is another tutorial about improving WP plugin's performance - Hope that will help with your WordPress site's speed!

answered by user hues
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Here is of course a video from Google about geographical location:

...and another interesting animated video for newbies :-)

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Here's another answer from Matt Cutts:

answered by user ak47seo
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It is better to choose uk domain, it helps to rank your targeted keywords top in the search engine faster..
answered by user johnniewalk

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