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Q: I wanna be a Web Designer, Developer

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Hope you will be fine.
I wanna be a Web Designer, Developer but before going further i wanna
know what is Wordpress and joomla and is it beneficial in learning ...
Hope you understood me i asked this question because there are also
languages available to learn for web lke html, css, javascript, php
and mysql ... etc
I am waiting for your reply!
asked in Web Development category by user ilinkthreesixty2

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Hello my friend! Joomla and WordPress will save you a lot of time and they are in my opinion the most advanced and the easiest ways to create a web site on every topic! In my tutorials I am sharing all I know about building successful web sites and how to earn money from them! Since 2008 (here is my site -

I have more then 50 clients from Europe, USA, UK, etc. - so it is very beneficial to know how to build a web site and there is a lot of money in the web design field! Best Regards, Alex

answered by user golearnweb
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OK Alex your message is helpful and GOD bless you with your work and you be successful in all the way of your life dear ... Presently i have and i am still learning Html, Xhtml, Html5, css, css3, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax and JSon, Dreamweaver and Photoshop and in coming new year i will be able to create client side interactive websites manually with the skills i have mentions you up so i am wonder about Wordpress and Joomla because i know nothing about them therefore i just wanna make sure ... Can i learn these two technologies along with my learning process of web development and designing and, Is it easy to learn ...?
Hi. It is definitely easy to learn Joomla and WordPress. Back in the days however I spent many hours researching on how to teach them. That is why I've created these video courses - to save time! Almost all of my sites are build with WP and Joomla and I have more than 50 clients - you can make very good money as a web designer and site builder! This month I have 7+ projects from UK, Bulgaria and other places - so it is worth it - working as a freelancer! Afterwards, once the site is built you can sell hosting - for example you can buy a hosting for $120 per year and put there your clients - maybe 50 clients and then - if you want, you can charge them $120 per ear EACH! So you can count the numbers. Also you can charge them for monthly SEO, and many many other opportunities are involved... Anyways - I can talk hours about all this... Best Regards, Alex
Alex, I appreciate your message and it is really helpful, Your way of talking is great. OK i have understood clearly that would be great to learn Wordpress and Joomla and if beside these technologies there's something like these technologies to learn let me know for the general purpose and off course in near future i will buy your whole course ... Mind you if i ask what is a freelancer working in little detail ... PLEASE!
And let me know what is SEO and you have a course on SEO is that a complete course from the very basics like Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advance to Mastery level ...? PLEASE!
I am waiting for your reply!
Hi. SEO is constantly changing - Google is always making an updates. There are 2 types of SEO - on page SEO and off page SEO. First I would recommend to learn on page SEO for Joomla and WordPress - it is all explained in the web design course. And afterwards you can buy the whole off-page SEO course (meaning backlink building). Regarding freelancing - simply find companies without web sites, wear nice suit and go on a meeting - it is that easy! open your lap top in front of your customer and show him/her your work - after that negotiate over the price and become rich :-) You can always buy themes and templates for Joomla, WordPress, HTML, Flash, change them a bit (with your client's info) earn money! Hope that helps! Best Regards, Alex
Alex thanks for nice advice so it's mean freelancer means independent work with my own portfolio ... Like i have no contact or work with any company i just made my own portfolio and find some clients (as you mentioned above) and show them my work and if they are agree with my work so it's mean i have become a freelancer web designer and developer ...?
OK Alex you have helped me understanding about earning my own ... thanks ... I wanna ask you something, sorry for bothering you again ... When i am going to learn Wordpress and Joomla is it offline learning or before learning it i will have to buy hosting and make domain ... etc or i will just install a software like dreamweaver and start learning from your course ..?
Alex now a days is there scope for static websites and customers for static websites or every customers ask for dynamic sites like login, sign ups ... comment system and forms ... etc
Hi - you will need to have an internet connection as the videos are hosted online. It is good to buy cheap hosting (maybe from Hostgator on Black Friday - 29.11 with big discounts :-)) and domains and start working....
Alex ... Thanks!