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Q: Help! /not_found/ error instead of wp-admin when installed new WordPress!

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Hi, I have a problem when installing new site with WordPress CMS. I am using Hostgator and Fantastico Deluxe. I simply cannot see the wp-admin part! Instead I am seeing /not_found/ - Error 404. What can I do? I am seeing this problem for the first time! I've installed many, many WP sites - and this is the first time something like this occurs!
asked in Web Development category by user paulcabalit

1 Answer

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I had the same error a while ago.

The problem probably lies in your other installation(s). If this is NOT YOUR MAIN DOMAIN - probably sub-domain - then check your main's domain .htaccess file and your sub-domain's .htaccess.

In my case - I used Better WP Security and made some changes in the .htaccess file of the main website (upper one) - this caused the not-found error while trying to access the sub-domain's wp-admin. The .htaccess file was not in the main directory! So you need to create such and upload it to your root directory by using your FTP program!
answered by user golearnweb
selected by user paulcabalit
THANK YOU! I've removed the Better WP Security lines from the .htaccess file and I am now able to access the admin area of my sub domain! The problem was soooo easy! :-)
Glad it helped! :-))