Q: My admin panel is tooooooooo muchhhhh slowwwwww

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How r u?pls i need soem advice from u pls.I am trying to learn wp from ur tutorials & as i said allways realy nice & easy to explain to understand.soem problem come which i haven't find there or i have missed:

01. my admin panel is tooooooooo muchhhhh slowwwwww :(  , when i try to edite any post or to do any thing it take huge time .& now i am useing "googlepagespeed" service & when it take too much time it show : " " Fetching of original content failed with the following error: Proxy Publisher Failure - TIMEOUT. If you own this domain..... "

i tryed my best,but still now couldn't fix it.i have loss already 70% users :(

02.I was use a auto post plugin basic verson & i thing for that site getting kinda slwo ,though it was working nice for fb, etc... i have inactive it,feeling kinda speed though very little.

but without it no one post will eb show in fb page :( what can do for it ?

pls i know u r very bz,but when u have kinda time  think for me & give me ur advice ,thx.
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Hi. Thank you for the kind words! Here are my suggestions:

1. To see which plugin is slowing down your site you can use one very useful WP plugin which will show the loading time of each plugin separately. Here you can read more:

You can also deactivate some plugins - not all of them are needed. If some plugins are not working properly slowing down your dashboard and admin panel read this article -

2. Regarding the auto-post plugin it is almost certain that it is slowing down your site... If it is downloaded from torrent site or some black hat forum the chances that there is some virus are pretty high! If you want to use auto-post service I would recommend - Article Builder online service (working just fine!) from here -

Hope that helps! If you have any other questions regarding web design or SEO - please do not hesitate to ask! Best Regards, Alex

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