Q: What is tiered link building?

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Hi. I've heard a lot about tiered link building. What do you think of this strategy? Is it black hat or grey hat? Is it effective in 2013? Can I rank my site with it easily? How many tiers should I create? Thanks, Nikole
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There are Google updates happening on a monthly (if not a weekly) basis in 2013. In order to rank your site, you must be very smart. One of the ways to create links which will help you rank faster is tiered link building. There are many articles on the subject, but one of the most effective ways to learn are videos.

That is why I am posting here 6 videos from a friend of mine Matthew Woodward (his site is which I highly recommend BTW!) about tiered link building. They will answer all your questions you have about tiered link building and will diversify your overall SEO strategy! :-)

Video 1 - Theory

Video 2 - Preparation

Video 3 - Building Tier 1

Video 4 - Tier 2 & Beyond

Video 5 - Indexation & Organization

Video 6 - Advanced Tactics

And the latest one:

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Nice tutorials - thank you!