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Q: Mouseover images for the navigation in WordPress

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I was wondering if you can help me. I'm struggling.

This is a link to a page of a clients site I am designing at the moment with html. I am wanting to install a blog, I need the page to look like what I have created, keeping the text (image rollovers) and background image etc the same.

Is this possible to use wordpress cms to do this or will I loose the mouseover images for the navigation?  I was using a web font with the links but the browsers were not displaying it.
asked in Web Development category by user nikole
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1 Answer

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The best option for the "mouseover images for the navigation" is to use a template and on the sidebar to put a Custom HTML widget with this function. Usually whenever I am creating a web site for a client - I go to (it is not an affiliate link - I just love them :-)) or (both sites have excellent documentation!) and I am trying to find the best option possible which means - less work for me. So I would strongly suggest the same - find, replace, play a bit with the design, save your time and take the money! :-) Hope that will help!

answered by user eiorgert
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I like themeforst as well! They have plugins, graphics, templates and a lot of useful stuff for freelancers! :-)