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Q: Please help how to remove Nattly com from my Chrome Google browser

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Hi. I have a problem with Google Chrome. A while ago something happened... In the search browser appeared Nattly com... I believe it is a hijacker of some kind. It is very hard to delete it as it appears again!!!! Can you please share some ways of get rid of this nasty stuff? Thanks
asked in Other category by user paulcabalit

2 Answers

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Go to your CMD command in windows and type regedit - search the key of nattly in the registry key and simply delete it! I believe it is setting up your homepage to so you must delete it and it won;'t appear again! :-) Easy!
answered by user sam
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Here is a video explaining all this:

Good luck with this issue, as I know it is very, very irritating!

answered by user nikole
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