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Q: Will automatically generated content hurt my SEO?

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Hi. a while ago I've discovered an online service called - which is generating articles on particular topic automatically and post them on your blog/blogs. The service also adds videos and images related to the topic. The service seems to be decent one, although it may seems to be a bit pricy - $247 per year. My question is: Will it hurt or influence somehow negatively my SEO? And will I have problems using it on a daily basis? Thanks

asked in SEO category by user paulcabalit
edited by user golearnweb

3 Answers

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I've been using article builder for some months now and I only see improvements in my SERPs! I am happy with the service, BUT you MUST set-up your content generation very careful and spin the article very, very well! This will lead to your success in the search positions! :-)
answered by user ak47seo
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I don't think that this is good practice to use this service. Instead of that, you can use forums , Blogging, social media to market your website and get better ranking on Search engines. This will also increase you website worth and trust on it.
answered by user Brayden
Yes it will hurt. Google prefers high-quality contents that are original, well-created and informative. Auto-generating a content means you are only up to driving quick traffic back to your niche and you are not at all concerned about the real people who will see your content.

Auto-generating is a type of spamming and you're not going in the right direction if you'll be dependent with this type of practice. If you want long-term success in internet marketing, it's better to create contents manually then manually circulate its url to various networking and bookmarking sites.

That's why; keep it simple. Don't overanalyze Google Penguin. It's only an algorithm. As grown ups, it's your responsibility to choose to create high-quality contents that are worth-reading and worth-printing on paper (if it's an article or instructional manual. Also, choose white-hat when building links.
Ram Babu
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Once if you recieve an article from the site just read it and find out the content is relevant to the topic or not, and just check the content uniqueness. If everything is fine then you can post it other wise definetly it affects.
answered by user johnniewalk