Q: How to embed or add a widget inside a post or article (in WordPress)?

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Hi, I have a question regarding WordPress. Is there a plugin or a tool which will allow to use a widget inside a page/post. For example if I want to "embed" the calendar widget inside an article?
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You can use this very simple to use and implement WordPress plugin -

By using shortcodes you can really add all kinds of widgets inside a post! :-) Include any widget in a page for any theme.
answered by user golearnweb
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This one is very, very powerful - It can really make your site true masterpiece! :-) And also can add all the widgets you want! It costs $20 but in my opinion it is worth it! Cheers!
answered by user samfred5830
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Use this one dude -Widgetize Pages Light -

Easy to use and it is free :-) Drop widgets in page or post content area. Widgetized pages. Build your custom page layout in no time. No coding, easy and fun!
answered by user hues
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I love this one - :-) Also you can use it to create templates for your WordPress projects - just search online to see how to do so! :-)
answered by user matthew44
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Here are some nice (AND FREE!!! :-0) plugins for widgets I am usign in my web projects and sites. Hope you find what you search!

1. Flexible Posts Widget - - An advanced posts display widget with many options. Display posts in your sidebars any way you'd like!

2. Display Widgets - - Simply hide widgets on specified pages. Adds checkboxes to each widget to either show or hide it on every site page.

3. Widget Logic - - Widget Logic lets you control on which pages widgets appear using WP's conditional tags. It also adds a 'widget_content' filter.

4. Dynamic Widgets - - Dynamic Widgets gives you full control on which pages your widgets will appear. It lets you dynamicly show or hide widgets on WordPress pages.

answered by user nikole
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Visit this link to know more information regarding to your query. I hope, you can get a better idea by this info.
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To embed articles or / and posts in wordpress you may use this plugin called "Embed Articles & Posts" check it out at
answered by user embedarticles