Q: How to make money online? Share REALISTIC ways!

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Hi. What is the recipe for making money online? What is your personal experience? Is it selling digital products, affiliate marketing or maybe AdSence? Or maybe freelancing or offering SEO services online? Please share some REALISTIC ways to make money online! Thanks.
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1.    Don’t spend much on Group Buys, these are distractions only. I know (and it applies to me as well) you don’t need every thing out there. If you are an affiliate marketer, Genesis, Lifestyle, Minimum Old and Prose is all what you need. I have ranked tons of sites using Genesis, I believe, clean code of a Wordpress theme does help in ranking.

2.    Be a master of few tools. Don’t stuff your PC or VPS with all the backlinking softwares out there. Trust me, you won’t be using most of them (ask yourself right now, how many tools do you use regularly).

3.    I have been in affiliate marketing for like 2 years now. And I just have got to say this, YOU MUST TARGET PRODUCT NAMES TO MAKE REAL MONEY. I know, I know, some people may have been killing it in adsense or CPA but I always made money with review style sites focused on a product name.

4.    If you are tight on a budget, be partners, like one guy invests and the other guy does site setup, backlinking etc (its like one guy is investor, and one is builder). I made less money when I was alone, I found such a partner (who is my one of the best friend online now, like real brother) and he would invest in content buying, domain buying etc and I would be his SEO guy. And you know what; we crossed $5k per month mark in like 3-4 months.

5.    Don’t listen to what people have to say. You gotta be brave enough to make your own decisions with your common sense (its another thing that common sense is a sense that is not so common). You gotta test it yourself rather than listening to others. Lets say you go, open a thread, and ask, does contextual links from high PR pages work (they work) and you know what, every Tom, Dick and Harry gonna come and tell you no man, do this or do that and I tell ya (95% of those people have never used such backlinks themselves, they have just read about it)

6.    If you are in SEO, PUT ALL YOUR EFFORTS in getting contextual links from high PR pages. They are the real cream of backlinks. Be partners, make yourself a small network for your own use.

7. Now (it may sound like a pitch but in reality it ain’t, I get no personal financial gains in any form whatsoever), if you wanna learn SEO inside out and really wanna be damn knowledgeable about ranking a site, check this (no affiliate link). After this course, you don’t need to read anything and I mean anything. You certainly can rank in search engines at your own will. It’s expensive but as they say money makes money.

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Here's one nice video here -

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You will find lot of money making ways that help you quickly and easily boost your finances. The fastest and easiest online business opportunities to earn money which I found to be more productive these days is travel  affiliate business. You will find many inexpensive websites such as offers opportunity to have your own travel portal at small investment and you can generate high income in the form of commissions.
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There are literally number of ways through which you can actually earn plenty of bucks from the comfort of your home. You just need to work smartly and then there is nothing that can stop you from winning money.
Trading in binary options is one such way of earning money, but before you do that collect all the fundamental information from relevant places like and then try your hands on it. I am sure; you will be able to make some quick money through this.

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I think the best way of making money is through Blogging. I would suggest anyone who wish to make money create a blog and keep it updating with new blog post every week. I have seen so many blogs users earning money by posting reviews on Movies, Restaurant, Hotels, Websites and more.

I myself have contacted my bloggers to promote clients business in Middle East for promotion of Hollywood movies such as Maleficient, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Big Hero, Guardians of the Galaxy and more. They all make lot of money but the thing is that you should now how to promote your blog in a write way with proper planning and strategy.

If you are planning to start new blog to earn money, I would suggest you to check out the ideas given here Making Money with Blogging:

Apart from blogging, you can also earn money through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on by having good amount of audience.

NOTE: There is no short cut to earn money online you need to give lots of time and effort to build your presence online through blogging or social media.

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