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Q: How to re-size images with Photoshop

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hi, I am wondering is there a short cut to re-sizing images in Photoshop? Is there any other program or software (lighter and faster loading) for picture's changing, resizing and processing? thanks
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3 Answers

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It is very easy. Open Photoshop (i am using CS4 micro version) and choose "Image" (the 3rd menu). Then choose the 6th menu from the drop menu - "Image Size..." Also you can drag your image and hit "ALT+CTRL+I" to change the size
answered by user samfred5830
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You can use - simple, light  and very fast graphic viewer. Oh, and it is free :-) Here is one tutorial how to use it - + video below:

Cheers, John

answered by user john7
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There is also a feature to change a lot of images at once - batch resizing. I love it! Especially if I am creating pictures for an e-shop with the same dimensions! :-)
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Photoshop is the best software for image editing, like resize.  You can change your pixel dimensions, your document size and your resolution. You can move to the next field by pressing Tab. If you have styles applied to your image, check the "Scale Styles Box".  Your image is resized.
answered by user tagrare
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