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Q: Please suggest tools for generating strong passwords

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I am managing a lot of sites and creating new ones. Every time I need to create strong passwords. Can you recommend a tool or tools for generating strong password. I need free (or very cheap) password generator. Thanks
asked in Other category by user hues

3 Answers

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I use - - very nice and small tool not only for creating passwords, but you can use it for submitting your site to various directories - semi-automatically. :-) Very useful for local sites and boosting their rankings. Anyways - you can also use it for password generating purposes! The price is low as well - $9.95 for a whole year (the first one) and $19.95 for the next year(s)! hope that helps!

answered by user eiorgert
selected by user golearnweb
roboform is nice - yes :-)
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I use - LastPass - it is free and very easy to use! :-)

answered by user sam
edited by user golearnweb
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Go to your Cpanel and there is a nice (AND FREE!) tool for generating STRONG passwords. :-)
answered by user samfred5830