Q: Please recommend sites or services for compressing images

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Hi, I've been trying to reduce and compress the images (mostly JPGES) of my site to the most excellent quality and loose as much kilobytes as I can. However, the results are not that good! :-( I am using Photoshop...

Can you please recommend some services (maybe online) where I can compress the images and improve the loading speed of my site? thanks
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Hello! I was like you a while ago. I was using  - but still I was noticing that the images are not loading as fast as I wanted. Moreover, I always get some suggestions in the speed evaluation sites about the size of the pictures. So, I searched online and found a great site!

Here it is my friend -

This site is the best one for compressing and reducing the size of the images! Flawless! :-)))))) There was an image 45Kb and after the compression it was 18Kb!!!! Amazing!

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Thanks mate! Appreciated! :-) Will check it out!
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I was using before...


It has some problems with .png format! It simply downloads all the images in JPG! And transparency is needed sometimes ;-)

I am using the suggestions in - simply run your site and click on "Optimize images" - after that you will be able to download the optimized version of your original image!

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You can compress images in almost any photo program, such as Adobe Photoshop. Simply save as Internet web size. It is recommended to save your images at the size you want it them to be displayed.

 In addition, make sure your image is in RGB color mode and not CMY. To check this in Adobe Photoshop: Click the image > click Image Mode.  This will ensure that your image is displayed in the best quality possible once uploaded to your Wix site.