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Q: Please recommend sites or services for compressing images

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Hi, I've been trying to reduce and compress the images (mostly JPGES) of my site to the most excellent quality and loose as much kilobytes as I can. However, the results are not that good! :-( I am using Photoshop...

Can you please recommend some services (maybe online) where I can compress the images and improve the loading speed of my site? thanks
asked in Web Development category by user richard8502

3 Answers

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This one is GREAT:

answered by user eiorgert
selected by user golearnweb
Yes - I use it a lot!
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Hello! I was like you a while ago. I was using  - but still I was noticing that the images are not loading as fast as I wanted. Moreover, I always get some suggestions in the speed evaluation sites about the size of the pictures. So, I searched online and found a great site!

Here it is my friend -

This site is the best one for compressing and reducing the size of the images! Flawless! :-)))))) There was an image 45Kb and after the compression it was 18Kb!!!! Amazing!

answered by user sam
edited by user golearnweb
Thanks mate! Appreciated! :-) Will check it out!
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I was using before...


It has some problems with .png format! It simply downloads all the images in JPG! And transparency is needed sometimes ;-)

I am using the suggestions in - simply run your site and click on "Optimize images" - after that you will be able to download the optimized version of your original image!

answered by user paulcabalit
edited by user golearnweb