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Q: Want to change the layout and the design of the WordPress Dashboard - admin area

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Can you please recommend some plugins for changing the layout of the Dashboard in WordPress CMS admin area? I mean - I am tired of this grey color - is there a way to change it? Thanks
asked in Web Development category by user samfred5830

3 Answers

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I use this one - - it is called Modern Admin and it really gives you a lot of functionality! It is flat-retina ready template for Wordpress admin. This plugin comes with 4 color schemes, custom login form, configurable menu & dashboard icons.

Here are the features of this great plugin:

  1. Clean design and retina (like on Apple :-)) support
  2. 5 color schemes: Blue (default), Green, Red, Yellow, Purple (and more free color in the future)
  3. Custom login
  4. Custom logo text/image
  5. Choose your own icons
answered by user eiorgert
edited by user golearnweb
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Try Easy Admin Color Schemes - - you can change the colors there. You can also pick and use your very own color (with color picker). I like the purple theme! :-)

answered by user sam
edited by user golearnweb
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With you can really re-brand your admin page and even the log-in page! :-)

answered by user eiorgert
edited by user golearnweb
Thanks for the useful info!