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Q: What is included in the search results?

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Hi, there is a lot of stuff in the search results of Google nowadays. Can you please explain each one of them. For example there are stars next to the URL (I believe they call them snippets), photos near the results, etc. Thanks
asked in SEO category by user hues

2 Answers

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Here is the info you are looking for:

Title is the most important element in a web page. A title should be informative and relevant.

An accurate and clickworthy summary of the page should be presented here. This is what you call as page description.

These are generated automatically depending on the user's query. For example, if the user is searching the site with the brand name then sitelinks gets displayed in the search results (not in all cases). In general, sitelinks gets displayed more often for popular sites.

URL structure:
The URL structure of your site should be logical and must provide an accurate presentation of the content present in the web page.

Event Markup:
Use markup like Data highlighter whenever you want to display event related data from the web page on the search results. This can drastically improve the search performance of a web page.

Use breadcrumbs for easier navigation and proper passing of the Page Rank to the inner pages. (Know more about breadcrumbs)

Rich Snippets:
Follow rich snippets data markup in order to display user ratings and reviews of the products contained in the web page on the Google search results.

Author Information:
Use Google Authorship to display author related data in the search results. This will help to move from an anonymous presentation of data to genuine ownership of data. A great ranking signal for Google based on author rank.

Cheers - hope that helps
answered by user sam
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Suppose if you are serching any sites related to off page seo you can use inurl://with keywords it helps to show the exact results to you..
answered by user johnniewalk