Q: What is the difference between Xrumer and Scrapebox?

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What is Xrumer and what is the difference with Scrapebox? What do you think of Xrumer? Is it useful for SEO in 2013? Thanks
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Xrumer is Russian program and it used to work just fine back in the days and you can easily rank sites with Xrumer blasts. Nowadays it works - ONLY IF YOU WANT TO F**K your competitors! :-) Do not use it for your sites! Only if you have rivals in your niche - scrape their inner pages + blast and create backlinks with Xrumer to some porn forum sites. After 2-3 weeks you will have no comeptitors - it is a NEGATIVE SEO - nowadays it works, BUT I do not suggest it as everybody has moral values :-) But as a matter of fact - it is working...

In my opinion Xrumer backlinks are from forum sites and they have "0" value in the eyes of Google and the other SE. Scrapebox backlinks have some value - from 0.02 to 0.05 IF YOUR backlink comes from a niche related site. After Penguin update, Xrumer is good for negative SEO, Scrapebox however has a lot of useful tools and add-ons  in it and I love it! :-)

Anyways, this is my opinion. Peace!
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I think that with high PR forum profiles you can rank pretty well!
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Xrumer vs Scrapebox is two different animal:

Xrumer is scrape and forum poster: $650 + monthly subscription fee $10 / month.
Scrapebox is scraper (with features like Blog comment, etc) : $57 lifetime

My Suggestion: Scrapebox is a must have while Xrummer is not... you can visit, and ask the 'expert' to do xrumer blast
answered by user veeco
Thank you for your answer veeco! Is it OK for SEO or it is only useful for negative SEO?
Now that you know the difference between them let me throw some more light on it. I like scrapebox. Cheaper and easier with lots of tutorial videos on youtube as well as other spots on the web.
I had senuke once, crap what a headache. No support at all and videos (which were purchased) had steps and buttons that were nowhere to be found because changes were made to the software and not to any existing video tutorials including from the company itself.
Never tried xrummer but but I haven't seen many tutorial videos about it so I don't THINK (I could be wrong) there is much support for that as well. It seems like a big program like senuke.
Senuke has already cause me to pull all my hair out and now that I'm bald I have chosen to stay with scrapebox and pretend the other two don't even exist.