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Q: How to hide and cloak affiliate links for WordPress?

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I've heard a lot of good stuff about making money with Amazon (a personal friend of mine made $11.000 previous month!) and ClickBank. I really want to become affiliate master and sell affiliate products. However, I know that Google hates affiliate links and decreases PR and the site's search numbers if Google's bots see that a particular link is affiliate. I know that there are many plugins for WordPress (I need it for my WordPress site) for hiding and cloaking (I think it is the same) those types of links. Can you please share your experience with this? I am asking Affiliate marketers - and I REALLY, REALLY need professional opinion based on experience and knowledge! Thank you all! Nikole
asked in Other category by user nikole

4 Answers

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I use this plugin called Simple Urls
It is free, easy to use and most importantly it can track the clicks from your clients - so you will know if whoever clicks on your affiliate links :-) Good luck with your affiliate adventure!!!

answered by user mitko
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Here is another solution - a free version of a nice plugin with a lot of functionality! :-) It has a premium version which you can find for yourself! Affiliate market is a huge opportunity for everybody who is willing to work for him/herself! Good luck! :;-)

answered by user eiorgert
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Make sure to ALWAYS add "nofollow" attribute to your affiliate links! You can also create a folder in your root directory which will redirect your affiliate links. There is a special script (search it online) which will redirect your affiliate links (it will be in the above mentioned folder). Also - add the necessary line to prevent search engines to crawl this folder! Add: Disallow: /the name of your folder/ in your robots.txt. Oh, BTW - I have found it! Read this article here - and the scrypt is there as well! :-) This in my opinion is the best and most professional solution for hiding/cloaking affiliate links - you will need NO PLUGINS! :-) Cheers,

answered by user andrew
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Thanks! Will try your solution! you are the best!
Thanks for pointing this out.  Do you know if this script still works with WP?  I've tried and tried to get this to work with no success.

I created an (out) folder in  my root and in there I put the three files  Yoast provides.
Are there any other changes that have to be made besides (replacing your domain?)
Would you kindly show an example of the structure of an affiliate link  in the redirects folder?   I think that is where I get stuck.

Please feel free to contact me privately if you need further info. I am in dire need to get this working as I do not want to use a plug in.   

Thanks so much in advance.
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Here is a video made by me :-) on the topic:

answered by user golearnweb
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Thanks for the tutorial that is pretty neat and well explained.
However, I am looking for some type of sample URL structure for that particular script Yoast created.   
Know what? There are absolutely no tutorials on how to implement that coade anywhere on the net. Perhaps you can create a post on that.  There is not ONE.

Thanks either way!