Q: How can I browse privately with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome?

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Hi, A bit out of web design and SEO topics, but still... I am using a lot Chrome browser (I love it! So fast!) and for some of my clients I am testing their sites on Internet Explorer. How can I browse privately through these browsers? Any tweaks? Thanks
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Privtely... Yeah right - we all know the purpose of this browsing.... ;-) Especially men do! :-))))))
answered by user mitko
Be respectful, mate!
True! some stuff is worth silencing...
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I do not know what are you guys talking about, but here is a video about your question samfred5830 from one of the best web design and SEO female-gurus in the World :-) I love her!

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Here is another nice video for private browsing on all the browsers - IE, Opera, Firefox and Chrome:

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