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Q: What is better for WordPress SEO - pages or posts?

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When it comes to on page SEO for WordPress what is better in your opinion - posts or pages? I was wondering because pages seem to be stronger in my opinion and are better for ranking and fighting for particular keywords. What do you think?
asked in Web Development category by user richard8502

5 Answers

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One of the leading experts in the web designing and "how to create websites" field - Lisa Irby made a video on that topic - you can watch it below :-) There is also a transcript of the video - so you can read it! :-)

I often get that question a lot, which is better for SEO and I am going to tell you what I believe from my own experience and I would love to open up the floor to you guys to leave comments or video responses to share what has worked for you or what you have noticed with your own site. Now it is my understanding that from a technical state of point, the search engines do not really care whether it is a post or page. It is just a URL with content. What really matters is what you do with that post or that page on your site and things like on page SEO. You know everybody is always talking about back links, back links, back links but let's not forget about on page SEO, internal links using anchor text. So if you want to rank for a certain keyword, using that keyword or variations of that keyword and linking to that page from multiple pages or post throughout your website. So it's not always just about the back links.

So for example, a lot of people have said that their posts tend to do better in a short term, while their pages do better long term and why that may be for some people is let's say you have a traditional blog where your latest post on the home page are at the top and then you're older posts are at the bottom. You just have a traditional structure, you are not using a static home page and let us say you have a fairly popular blog right and you are writing on newsy topics, and in that first week of your blog post, it gets a ton of shares, it is linked from your home page. Google for example, loves fresh popular content. So if Google sees all these shares, it is linked from your home page, those are great ingredients for optimizing your site when it comes to SEO, right? So it may do very well in the short term and the reason why pages, some people were saying their pages perform better long term is because a lot of people use pages for their important, evergreen, content that they just really want to highlight, important content that needs to remain visible from common areas of the website, like your left navigation or your top navigation.

For example on my hair blog, I actually used a lot of pages because I want that site to look more like a traditional website. I do not update it very often, so I do not want it to have you know bla posts, bla posts, bla posts, bla posts and you know category, category, category, it is more important for me to highlight the information's. So it functions actually more like a static website even though it is a wordpress site. So in my experience, my pages tend to do better with the search engines on that site because of how I have them linked, they are linked on common areas and I also interlink my pages within my posts and pages using anchor text or keywords or variations of the keywords that I want to rank for. So I think it is important to remember that SEO is not just about back links. The one thing that bugs the crap out of me today is that people are so obsessed with back links and while they are important and you can't forget "on page criteria". Are you linking to your content from other pages and posts on your side. So I do not think it really matters  whether it is a post or page from an SEO state of point. What really matters is the structure of your website and how you are using that post in that page throughout your site, at least from my experience.

So I would love to hear what you guys have to say, let me know and I will see you guys later. Peace out.

answered by user mitko
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You use the posts with permalinks settings as you wish. The same however cannot be done for the pages... There is a plugin for adding .html after the pages - for the posts you can add .html or .htm at the end - without the plugin - only by setting up your permalinks!
answered by user golearnweb
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Adding posts is the best option in Wordpress. The benefit is that you can add and update your page with good and fresh content that users love to see. You can add content related to current trends, users taste and much more and also target keywords smartly.
answered by user Brayden
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I too agree with Brayden! Posts are more significant and fruitful rather than pages. Update your site with intrusive and appealing contents in favor of visitors, so that they will more enthusiastically visit your site. You can also see to have profound study of this topic

answered by user BarryDean
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Here is one interesting article on this topic from ElegantThemes

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