Q: Does SeNuke XCR still works in 2013???

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I have a question regarding SeNuke XCR. Is it still effective and does it still works in 2013 and will it keep working in the years ahead????
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SENuke does work and plenty of people are using it successfully and getting top rankings in the search engines. I know that many would claim the opposite and say that they used it and got nothing in return but as long as there are success stories you can’t really say it doesn’t work. You can however say it didn’t work for you but that doesn’t mean much overall.

I used it personally and had success and I personally know a few others that had great success with it. Besides that, just go to some of the popular internet marketing forums (Digital Point, Warrior Forum, Traffic Planet, Wicked Fire, Black Hat World, or on the SENuke forum and dig around and you will find plenty of SENuke success stories.

To put it simply, if SENuke wouldn’t work, I don’t think we would be having a discussion. It would simply be out of business. At least that is how I see it.

But the problem is that asking if it works is not the right question to ask. There are far more important questions you need to ask before you can make your decision if SENuke is something you want and/or need.

Will it Keep Working? Now that is a much better question to ask. Especially after you see how much work Google is putting in getting rid of spam and trying to make search results better (seems like they still have work to do). Google knows all about SENuke and i’m pretty sure they have their sights aimed at it for quite a while now. The way I see it, it is a game of cat and mouse and I will let you decide who will end up on top.

If you are all about the short term than SENuke has been working like bonanzas in the past few months along with some other shady tactics that most thought were over with but apparently some of the changes Google made over the past year made some of those tactics work again and work well.

On the other hand, SENuke has been around for over 5 years now and during all that time plenty of folks said it is only a matter of time until the axe will drop. It didn’t drop yet. No one really knows when (or if) it will.

The ability to add your own sites to post to (that was introduced with SENuke XCr) and not be limited to only X number of sites gave it a new life. In previous versions you had an X number of sites that you could post to and it was pretty obvious that at one point Google could decide to ignore or devalue links coming from those sites and that would be the end of it.

SENuke is being updated constantly and the guys behind it are really working hard to keep it relevant. You got to hand it to them. It is a shit load of work (I guess) and they keep on working and improving it.

So, will it keep working? I don’t know and I don’t think you do either. But it is something you should consider and think about. Are you in this for the short term or long term? Are you looking to cash in on what works now and worry about what would happen when it stops working when (and if) that will happen? Food for thoughts....
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How Long Does it Take to Rank with SENuke?
Well, that of course depends. Mainly on the keyword you want to rank, the level of competition it has and how you will be approaching your link building.

No hard coded rules here so stop asking stupid questions 17 Questions You Should Have Asked Before Buying SENuke .

It could take days, weeks or months and it can also take forever and you will never rank for the keyword you want and this really has nothing to do with SENuke. It applies to SEO in general, regardless of the tools or methods you will use.

What is The Most Important Tool to Use to Rank Fast? Your brain. And as far as ranking for a specific keyword, the most important factor that will determine your rate of success has nothing to do with link building. It is all about keyword research and being able to target the right keywords.
I want to know that if Senuke will also make backlinks on very low or no PR sites then I think it will be harmful for our site(correct me if I am wrong). Also I am unable to find difference in SenukeX and Xcr on internet. Please tell
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Yes, it is still working in 2013 ;-) and to prove this you need to ask yourself:

Isn’t SEO Dead?

... and the answer is:

No. It isn’t.
As a matter of fact. I keep on reading, hearing and seeing that it is even easier than it was a year ago. SEO isn’t dead. I don’t think it would die anytime soon. It is however changing as you would expect. There is no doubt that 2012 was a big year in SEO with all the updates Google launched with their black and white animal names. It is dynamic and will keep changing...
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