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Q: How to turn off (disable) WordPress plugins NOT from the dashboard?

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Yesterday apparently somebody tried to break my site. He/she almost succeeded! Today I cannot login into the dashboard of my blog...I need to stop one security plugin that is not allowing me to get in. How can I disable it but NOT from the dashboard because I cannot log in to it?
asked in Web Development category by user eiorgert

1 Answer

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First you need to calm down... Secondly here is the exact path for disabling a WordPress plugin from your Cpanel and server:
1. You can use Cpanel and the "File Manager" in it and go to "wp-content" >> "plugins" and simply rename the plugin you want to DE-activate. If you want to turn-off all the plugins you can rename the whole folder "plugins" to something else! It will show that all the plugins are deactivated due to an error. And - ready! :-) BTW I am using an FTP program called FileZilla for the same operation - in my opinion - it is easier and much faster :-)

2. The second way is to go to the PHP my admin in your Cpanel, find the database of your site (be careful about it!), find the table named: "wp_options"; Then go to active_plugins (it might be on the 2nd page of the table) >> press edit from the options given >> delete all the information in it! - it will deactivate ALL YOUR PLUGINS! You can also copy and save it just in case! :-)
answered by user hues
edited by user golearnweb