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Q: What is the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

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hi, I was wondering which plugin is the best when it comes to on page SEO and WordPress? I know some - such as SEO Pressor, all-in-one SEO and yaost WP plugin? Any suggestions? Thanks
asked in Web Development category by user sam

4 Answers

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I would recommend Yoast one. I've been using it for my sites for a very long time! It is stable with a lot of features! I love it! Here is one video tutorial about it:

answered by user paulcabalit
edited by user golearnweb
What about All-in-one SEO plugin? It is also pretty good! I am very happy with it
I consider Wordpress SEO by Yoast to be the top one in my list. For basic SEO development, All-in-One SEO pack works best.
I agree with mickeyy!
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All in one seo plugin and  yoast are the best plugins fro SEO in wordpress.
answered by user Brayden
Currently I am using the All in One SEO Pack Pro and it has been very efficient, also like the Platinum Seo that works very similar to All in One SEO Pack Pro
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I use WordPress SEO by Yoast. It's the best WordPress SEO plugin, in my oppinion.
answered by user thuybk
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Yoast is the best seo plugin which can be used for wordpress..
answered by user johnniewalk