Q: Too many results of one site (domain name) in Google?!?!

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I have a small site about house cleaning in UK and I am trying to rank for keywords such as: "house cleaning + area", "home cleaning + area", "house cleaners + area", "area + house cleaning", etc. After a while (I believe after some Penguin update) A LOOOOOT of results in the search are coming from one exact domain!!!!! For example I am having 4 results from gumtree on page #1!

In my opinion this stuff ruins Google authority as a monopole search engine! Do you have the same experience? Why is that? Will it end soon?
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Here's your answer from yesterday:

I think these results are unfair for all who are using SEO to make an income... As Matt Cutts said - hopefully soon all this CR*P will go in oblivion soon!
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Thanks mitko!