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Q: How to index my articles fast?

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I am creating a lot of unique articles everyday for my blog. BUT time is need, Google crawls my articles after a while. How to make it crawl my posts faster?
asked in SEO category by user Jolie Ann
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2 Answers

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Indexing your post and articles can be an important aspect as it not only helps get your website or blog viewed but also help in Alexa Rankings!. There are many mistakes beginners as well as advanced users make that continue to hinder their  performance. Below is a method that is effective in helping index your content you worked hard on creating :

1) Set up Google authorship containing the main keywords or topics, also set up as many other social media profiles with the same keywords. Now Link them all
together. Use Google to learn how the linking process works.

2) Interlink all your articles between each other, this is a clear take on the "Wikipedia layout/style". It requires some time but will be worth it at the end. It can be powerful when executed  well.

3) This step requires you to now send a couple high PR links to the homepage from a blog network of yours (if not already done). That will give your site some authority and credibility.

4) If the articles are text articles then  add 2-3 pictures per article with the keyword related to it. Try not to abuse this but make it look as natural as possible

5) A good way to give your articles/post some exposure is to add a couple youtube videos related contextual links to authority sites here and there.

Tips To Remember :

- Leverage your content, if they seem interesting then create PDF's
- Use social media, If people find your reads to be good then they will share it which will increase your rankings
-Submit your site to RSS directories.
answered by user eiorgert
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Is in a particular website, curently where you are posting your article having a google webmaster tool option then you can easily make to crawl within 24 hrs by fetching your link.
answered by user johnniewalk