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Q: Plagiarism problem - stolen content from my site

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I have a web site and a lot of its content is stolen through RSS (I believe) from another site owner. Are there any rules about it? Is there a way to avoid plagiarism? Are there any sites which help site owners with this task? Thanks!
asked in Other category by user eiorgert

3 Answers

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I used to have the same problem 2 months ago. It is not that easy to fight plagiarism and scraped content intruders... But there are ways!

Here is my path:

1. Check whether your content is unique and discover who might have stolen your content by visiting and checking our article(s) on
2. TAKE ACTION! Visit and check your content again! The site is like but a free one + there is a lot of info about plagiarism
3. After you know who the thief is - contact him/her . Via his site. If there is NO response (which is to be expected) find his telephone number by visiting You will discover plagiarist's name, phone number, e-mail - all you need for the contact!
4. If there is no answer again - contact the hosting company and ask them to remove the plagiarist website or only your scraped/stolen content!
5. If there is no effect again - send a formal “Cease and Desist” letter and exercise your rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and file a DMCA complaint directly to Google.
6. Visit this site - - read all the info there + register (I think the cost is $35) and you are almost protected!

Do not forget to prove that the content is written by you! Visit type your page/site and make a screenshot as a proof!

That is it! :-)

answered by user mitko
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To prevent stealing your content my suggestions are:

1. Right after you posted your content in your site - notify Google about it. Log in to your Web Master tool go to Health >> Fetch as Google and submit your URL with your article in it. Click "Fetch"
2. Share your post on your Google profile and Google +
3. Share it on Facebook (your personal page, fan page, etc.)
4. Share it on Twitter

This way you will get the page crawled as soon as possible and Google will know you are the origianal creator and grand master of this content! :-) Cheers,
answered by user richard8502
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Plagiarism Detector - One of the best plagiarism software to Detect duplicate content. 100% Free Tool to check uniqueness of content. Go to

answered by user talha123
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