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Q: How to set up YITH Infinite Scrolling plugin with WooCommerce and Divi

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Hi. I just bought YITH Infinite Scrolling plugin (Premium verion) which I intend to use with my WooCommerce store. The WP site is built with Divi theme...

BUT I am struggling to configure it (set up the settings) :-(

I mean - I need the these settings:

  • Navigation Selector     
  • Next Selector
  • Item Selector
  • Content Selector

Thanks in advance, Nino

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1 Answer

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I was having troubles as well...

But them found this useful video: - a bit old (from 2015) - but works flawlessly!

The part explaning the integration between YITH Infinite Scrollingand the WooCommerce starts from 4:33.

It doesn't matter whether it is Divi theme or another WordPress them...

Here are my settings (also shown on the screenshot below):

Navigation Selector: .woocommerce-pagination    
Next Selector: .woocommerce-pagination
Item Selector: li.product
Content Selector: ul.products

yith-infinite scrolling plugin with woocommerce set up the settings with Divi WordPress theme


answered by user golearnweb
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