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Q: Plugins for WordPress theme developers

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Hi, I am interested in developing WordPress CMS themes.

Which WP developing plugins or/and code tips/tricks do you use?

I mean maybe for templates/querues, PHP, etc. which will make your workflow/programming life easier?


BTW, these 3 articles/forum threads were extremely useful:

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3 Answers

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Hi, here are my developing WordPress plugins which I use in my daily routine:

To see the queries and loading scripts/styles in my WordPress site, I use:

Query Monitor:

To show the WP template on which I am currently on, the plugin I use is:

Show Current Template:

...and this one is pretty much the same:

Which Template:

Plugin to see whether everything is fine with our WP theme. It runs a quick scan (the same as doing a spell check before submitting an article):

Theme Check

Password protect your whole WordPress site with a 1 password (you can use it as Under Construction WP plugin alternative). You can also allow (whitelist) your IP address :-)

Password Protected

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To import dummy WordPress pages/posts/categories/comments/tags, etc. (Test Unit Data) I use:

Or you can add dummy content from

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For my WordPress debugging I am using the official plugin from 

Debug Bar

...and his add-on for actions and filters:

Debug Bar Actions and Filters Addon

Also, to see the hooks in my WP (and WooCommerce) theme I use:

Simply Show Hooks

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