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Q: How to replace Read More text in Divi WP theme in the blog section?

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Hi, I have Divi web site (WordPress theme) and I want to replace "Read More" text in the blog section but there is no option to do so... I want to replace it with another text: for example: Click HERE To Read More

I've tried to find Read More in the console (Chrome F12) - but cannot find it :-(

Can you please help!


Here is a screenshot of what I want to replace:

how to replace read more text in Divi WordPress theme

asked in Web Development category by user Jolie Ann

1 Answer

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You can use str_ireplace PHP function.

In the function.php file (hopefully in your WordPress child theme :-) insert these lines of code:

/*Replace read more in the blog section of WordPress*/
function newreadmore($newreadmore) {
    $newreadmore = str_ireplace('read more', 'Click HERE To Read More', $newreadmore);
    return $newreadmore;

add_filter('gettext', 'newreadmore');

I am using the 'gettext' filter: Read more here

answered by user mitko
edited by user golearnweb