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Q: How to create fixed sticky area in Divi theme (WordPress)?

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I have Divi WordPress theme and I want to create sticky area in my site with the phone number (as a button) which will be visible only on mobile devices;

How can I do it?

I want it to be fixed and on scroll to stay visible for the user.

Here is screenshot from the site where I saw it:

sticky area with phone number in Divi theme


asked in Web Development category by user ak47seo

1 Answer

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  1. Create section, then row and inside module.
  2. Disable the section to show on PC and tablets. Leave it enabled only for the module.
  3. Then in the row in the Advanced Tab in the Custom CSS (in Main Element) add the folowing code:
position: fixed; 
bottom: 0; 
width: 100%;
z-index: 9999;

You can see where to put it by using the screenshot below for reference:

footer sticky area on mobile version phone as a button

answered by user icabe