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Character Multiplier - String Task
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Q: Character Multiplier - String Task

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Create a method that takes two strings as arguments and returns the sum of their character codes multiplied (multiply str1[0] with str2[0] and add to the total sum).

Then continue with the next two characters. If one of the strings is longer than the other, add the remaining character codes to the total sum without multiplication.


character multiplier string task

asked in PHP category by user sam

1 Answer

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Nice task!

I've used this ASCII table:

ASCII table chars ascii values

and this is my code:


$args = explode(" ", readline());

$word1 = $args[0];
$word2 = $args[1];

$min = min(strlen($word1), strlen($word2));

$sum = 0;

for ($i = 0; $i < $min; $i++) {
    $code1 = ord($word1[$i]);//$word1: ASCII codes of the letters
    $code2 = ord($word2[$i]);//$word2: ASCII codes of the letters
    $sum += $code1 * $code2;

$remaining = '';

if (strlen($word2) > strlen($word1)) {
    $remaining = substr($word2, $min);
} else {
    $remaining = substr($word1, $min);

for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($remaining); $i++) {
    $code3 = ord($remaining[$i]);
    $sum += $code3;

echo $sum;
answered by user matthew44
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