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Q: How to hide the top header on scroll in Divi WordPress theme?

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Hi, I have a WordPress Divi Theme.

How can I hide the top header section/part on scroll?

Where the e-mail, the phone and social links are. And where you can add your own secondary menu.

Please see the screenshot I've made below:

divi top header hide in css


asked in Web Development category by user ak47seo

1 Answer

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Here is the code my friend (add into the Additional CSS or in your style.css child theme):

/* Hide top header – secondary menu on scroll */

#top-header {
    overflow: hidden;
    max-height: 50px;
    transition: max-height .3s ease;
} {
    max-height: 0;

#main-header {
    transition: top .3s ease;
} {
    top: 0 !important;

.admin-bar {
    top: 32px !important;
answered by user andrew