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Q: Classes and Objects in PHP

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Can you please explain the classes and objects in PHP?

I know they are the core of understanding the OOP in Php (Object-oriented programming)


P.S. If you can also give examples of their usage with code... thanks
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1 Answer

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In PHP classes provide the structure for objects and act as template for objects of the same type. Functions used in Class are called methods, the variables are called properties;


  • Use keyword new to create objects and invoke constructors
  • A class can have many instances (objects)
  • Use PascalCase for Class naming
  • Class is made up of state and behavior
  • Getters and Setters provide access to the fields
  • Functions describe behaviour
  • Fields store values
  • Fields (private variables), e.g. day, month, year
  • Data, e.g. getDay, setMonth, getYear
  • Actions (behavior), e.g. plusDays(count), subtract(date)

One class may have many instances (objects)

  • Sample class: DateTime
  • Sample objects: peterBirthday, mariaBirthday


  • Objects are Instances of Classes
  • Creating the object of a defined class is called instantiation
  • The instance is the object itself, which is created runtime

All instances have common behaviour:

$date1 = new DateTime();
$date2 = new DateTime();
$date3 = new DateTime();

On the picture below you can see more about the Class, Objects:

classes and objects in php

Here is one example taken from this video:


class Game
    var $price;
    var $name;
    var $photo;
    var $dir = "games/";

    public function print_game() {
        echo $this->name . PHP_EOL;
        echo $this->price . PHP_EOL;
        echo $this->dir . $this->photo . PHP_EOL;

    public function set_game($name, $price, $photo) {
        $this->name = $name;
        $this->price = $price;
        $this->photo = $photo;

$game = new Game();

$game->name = "Metro";
$game->price = 49;
$game->photo = "metro.jpg";

$game->print_game();//1st game: Metro (printing)

$game->name = "Detroit Become Human";
$game->price = 59;
$game->photo = "detroit.jpg";

$game->print_game();//2nd game: Detroit Become Human (printing)

$game->set_game("Little Big Planet 3", 49, "lbp3.jpg");

$game->print_game();//3rd game: Little Big Planet 3 (printing)

and the output:

classes objects php output

answered by user ak47seo