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Q: Lower or Upper - PHP Task

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Write a program that prints whether a given character is upper-case or lower case in the ASCII table.


lower or upper php task

asked in PHP category by user golearnweb

2 Answers

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To check for lower or upper case, you can also use ctype functions (lines #5 and #7):

ctype_upper() and ctype_lower()



$char = readline();

if (ctype_upper($char)) {
    echo 'upper-case';
} else if (ctype_lower($char)) {
    echo 'lower-case';
} else {
    echo 'not alphabetical letter or not consistent char(s)';
answered by user icabe
edited by user golearnweb
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My solution with ord() function:


$char = readline();

$ascii = ord($char);

if ($ascii >= 65 && $ascii <= 90) {
    echo 'upper-case';
} else if ($ascii >= 97 && $ascii <= 122) {
    echo 'lower-case';
answered by user eiorgert