Q: My rankings in Google dropped! Please help!

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My sites and my clients' sites are experience BUG loosing of the SERPs! Google simply dropped a lot of the rankings for a lot of the keywords! Please help and give suggestions!
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To discover what kind of Google update hit you - Panda or Panda you must first discover the reason for the ranking dropped! Here are some probable ones:
- Broken Links - remove or repair your 404 pages
- Duplicate Content Penalty - check for duplicate content and replace it with a unique one!
- Freshness Factor - constantly update your blog or site! This is crucial nowadays!
- Google Dance - if you are experiencing it - just wait! :-)
- Google Sandbox Effect - if your site is new you may get high rankings in the beginnings
- Malware - that is why is good to use Google Web Master Tools and be always notified!
- Page Rank Loss - check your links in GWT!
- Robots.txt problem - be careful with this small .txt file as it can ruin your efforts!
- Server Issue - use only trusted providers!
- Site Giving Out Paid Links - DON'T DO IT!
- Unnatural Backlinks - HUGE IN 2013 - DO NOT USE THEM!
- Violation of Google's Quality Guidelines - yeah - there is a BOSS and you MUST follow the rules!
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Google is doing regular updates to stop doing spam by spammers. The reason why your keywords are getting down in SERP's is that :-
may be you are promoting your web page with those keywords most of the time which is wrong. Sharing a URL with a same keywords son may times affects your rankings and chances are that it can get penalized.
So, you may use more than one similar keywords to promote your website. That is the best way to keep yourself up in SERPs and stay away from Google penalty.
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Here are some useful sites which you can use to do some keywords research (including your competitors' ones):

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