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Q: Difference between explode and implode functions in php?

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In Php what is the difference between implode and explode function?

Can you give examples of using the both?

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1 Answer

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Explode and implode functions in php are pretty popular; 

Explode splits string by delimiter;

Here is an example with an array:


//Function explode() example
$str  = 'Silvester Stalone Rambo';
$data = explode( ' ', $str );

echo '<pre>';
print_r( $data );
echo '</pre>';

foreach ( $data as $v ) {
	echo "$v" . '<br>';


explode function php example

Implode join array elements with a string (the opposite of explode);



//Function implode() example
$data2 = [ 'Silvester', 'Stalone', 'Rambo' ];

$rambo = implode( ' ', $data2 );
echo '<pre>';
echo $rambo;
echo '</pre>';


implode function php example

You can also use the join function instead of implode (join is an alias of: implode function).

Join function is rarely used, in PHP mostly implode is used in collaboration with explode;

answered by user eiorgert
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