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Q: How can I create my own function in Php?

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I want to create function to calculate 3 numbers.

Is it posible to create my very own function in Php?

How can I do it and use it?
asked in PHP category by user andrew

2 Answers

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You should always read the official documentation.

Here is the page for user-defined functions:

You can also use offline documentation program for software developers: Zeal. I use it a lot!

Here is the code to sum up 3 numbers - it is a nice and easy example of creating own functions:


function sum( $a, $b, $c ) {
	echo $a + $b + $c;
	echo '<br>';

$x = 100;
$y = 10;
$c = 1000;

sum( $x, $y, $c );
sum( 3, 9, 90 );


and the results:

php my function result image

On liine #3 where the function is declared in the brackets of sum() - you should I add your own parameters - and then you can use variables or your defined numbers/string, etc.

answered by user hues
Thanks! Will use the official docs and will try the software you've suggested. CHeers
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Here is one short YouTube video (8 minuties+ ):

answered by user eiorgert
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