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Q: Suggest JavaScript lessons/tutorials/mobile apps for learning JS

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I want to learn JavaScript. Can you please suggest some video tutorials/courses/lessons/PDFs maybe some mobile apps for coding? Thanks
asked in JavaScript category by user andrew
edited by user golearnweb

4 Answers

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This SoloLearn mobile app is great! It has Android and iOS version:

You can donwload it on your smartphone and learn JavaScript while travelling or/and in your spare time :-) I use it a lot!

It has some quiz and you can develop your programming skills while playing with the app. 

answered by user eiorgert
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I use to get some quality JS knowledge - recommend it >>

answered by user hues
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Try this:

Excellent for learning JavaScript on your desktop/laptop and practice coding

answered by user mitko
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I use Udemy

Just search with the keyword JavaScript.

Udemy is like Lynda, but in my opinion, with lower quality lessons - some of the authors speak NON-NATIVE English and it is very hard to listen :-(

However you can find some high-quality courses - with real-life examples! How to create programs/scripts/software with JavaScript and implement this knowledge in your real life coding skills.

answered by user sam