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Q: Help! Cannot log-in to my Word Press site!

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Please help! I have a HUGEEE problem! I cannot log-in to my Word Press site! It keeps refreshing and the same window with the username and password keeps showing! I do not know what to do! Should I use the back-end - meaning to go to the PHP and MySQL stuff on the site's cpanel? What would you suggest? Greately appreciated!
asked in Web Development category by user samfred5830

2 Answers

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There are ways around it! Do not panic my friend!
Firstly - instead of typing type: "" with the .php extension on the back - it won't refresh and you will be able to log in!

Secondly, the major problem and it its solution lies in the settings of your site! Here is how to fix it:
1. Log-in in your WordPress CMS site with the method described above
2. Go to >> Settings >> General and check whether your

WordPress Address (URL)
Site Address (URL)

...are different. If they are - this is causing your problem!

Change the URL name to be exact the same in the both cases - WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). Save the changes, go to, fill in your information and you are ready to go! :-)
answered by user golearnweb
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There is a video tutorial explaining all this stuff:

Do not forget to secure your log-in access on your WordPress site! I am using "Limit Login Attempts" WP plugin - it is free and will protect your site from BruteForce attacks! See it here -

answered by user eiorgert
edited by user golearnweb