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Balloons (Class Inheritance and Prototypes)
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Q: Balloons (Class Inheritance and Prototypes)

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You have been tasked to create several classes for balloons.

Implement a class Balloon, which is initialized with a color (String) and gasWeight (Number). These two arguments should be public members.

Implement another class PartyBalloon, which inherits the Balloon class and is initialized with 2 additional parameters – ribbonColor (String) and ribbonLength (Number).
The PartyBalloon class should have a property ribbon, which is an object with color and length – the ones given upon initialization. The ribbon property should have a getter.

Implement another class BirthdayBalloon, which inherits the PartyBalloon class and is initialized with 1 extra parameter – text (String). The text should be a property, and should have a getter.

asked in JavaScript category by user Jolie Ann

1 Answer

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My solution:

function solve() {
    class Balloon {
        constructor(color, gasWeight) {
            this.color = color;
            this.gasWeight = gasWeight;

    class PartyBalloon extends Balloon {
        constructor(color, gasWeight, ribbonColor, ribbonLength) {
            super(color, gasWeight);
            this._ribbon = {color: ribbonColor, length: ribbonLength};

        get ribbon() {
            return this._ribbon;

    class BirthdayBalloon extends PartyBalloon {
        constructor(color, gasWeight, ribbonColor, ribbonLength, text) {
            super(color, gasWeight, ribbonColor, ribbonLength);
            this._text = text;

        get text() {
            return this._text;

    return {
        Balloon: Balloon,
        PartyBalloon: PartyBalloon,
        BirthdayBalloon: BirthdayBalloon


answered by user hues