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Q: How to access particular site? I am banned?

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I have a problem with my browser or the computer itself (I think). Whenever I am trying to access one particular site - a blank, white screen comes out! I am confused! With another laptop I can see the site. But not with another browser (I am using Google Chrome) - the site won't open again! Please help!
asked in Other category by user Jolie Ann

2 Answers

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You may want to try to Flush your computer's DNS. Sometimes it helps! Here how you should do it (exact steps for Windows XP - may deffer for Windows 7, 8, etc...):

1. Go to the start menu >> Accessories >> Command Prompt
2. Before flushing your DNS - make sure to check whether you need it! You can do it by simply typing in the Command Prompt: "ipconfig /displaydns" Do not use " AND!! leave a space between "ipconfig" and "/".
3. After checking all the DNS, run the following command in the Command Prompt: "ipconfig /flushdns" - again - do not use the "" symbols + leave a space between "ipconfig" and "/". Hope that will help you resolve the problem!

answered by user paulcabalit
BTW you can also use the command: ipconfig /help to get more information on the topic!