Q: How to scrape Google results without getting the IP banned?

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hi, whenever I am trying to scrape Google results with my Scrapebox program I get banned! My IP is somewhat blacklisted or something and I get Google's message that there is unusual activity coming from my computer!?!? How can I use scraping function of Scrapebox on Google without any problems? Thansk!
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Are you a Scrapebox newbie???? Haven't you heard of proxies??LoL!
answered by user sam
Hey mate! I bought scrapebox these days! What do you expect? What are proxies?
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Proxies are IPs you can use instead of your!

There are 2 types of proxies: shared and private. Shared are used by thousands (if not millions) users - they have no username nor password - so a lot of people use them... they are so to say - useless! Better pay a bit to use private proxies with password and private IPs! Cheers!
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Thanks! Where can I found some private ones?
Write to this guy - - I am using him - pretty decent and relatively cheap proxies are provided by him! ;-)
Thanks mitko! Appreciate it!
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There are good videos tutorials here - - learn Scrpabox and you can really automate your SEO efforts!

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Thanks hues! will check them out!
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BTW - regarding your question... THere is video with the answer from the creator of the software itself:

Also you can subscribe to this guy's YOuTube channel here - I find his videos very useful although he is not very active with their creation!

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thanks, thanks thanks! This really answered my question! :-))))))
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Hire is one article with 14 Scrapebox tips and tricks:

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If you are interested in private proxies or shared proxies for scrapebox you can get  from Use this coupon code(BHW15OFF) and you will get 15% discount.

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